Motorway Services no.2,631

Would recommend. I’ve just done a quick tot up and I have been to 6 out of the 10; Wetherby was certainly a decent one

Not sure how Hilton Park (Southbound) is getting such good reviews. Very bog standard services that one.

I think Strensham (Northbound) has missed out here. Lovely car park there.

Using toll roads is pretty Tory, if you ask me.

Really want to go to Tebay after all the mentions of it.

I was there on Friday. it was heaving and there was barely anywhere to park. Not sure if this is the norm, but there didn’t seem to be any free to use cash machines, either.

If you can make it to mine by Friday lunchtime I’ll give you a lift there. You’ll need to make your own way back though, I’m off a-penoiding.

All that survey tells me is that people in the North of England are more satisfied by things in general.


Are Tebay northbound and southbound not just one and the same? :thinking:

We was there a few weeks ago on the ways to and from Haweswater (Withnail & I themed daytrip). Hung out with ducks, stroked some nice dogs, and a steam train went past. Very nice. However, vegan options could’ve been better really, but vs any services without a M&S they were ok.

Agree with @anon29812515, Thurrock is awful, had a weirdly steep ramp up to the main doors, bogs are horrible, only real place to eat is an extortionately priced Burger King. Also, when I was there, there was obviously a touring band having their lunch, and it was winding me up that I couldn’t quite place who they were.

How would you prefer it?

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • In the Pot, Nine Days Old

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I can confirm that there are two separate Tebays, one northbound, one southbound

Which one’s best?

I used to prefer northbound I think cause it was on my way home but then I discovered southbound has a nice stone amphitheater like seating area and that swung it a bit. Still north probably.

I went to six motorway services on my way to Liverpool over the weekend and I have to say… they’re only good if they have an M&S in them. I had a very very disappointing sandwich at Tebay :frowning:

'kin 'ell, how much water were you drinking?

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some brexit twat probably

How come M6 wankers get all the perks?

Reward for getting the fuck out of England/consolation for going the fuck back to England

I’ve never been to Tebay, but have been to Gloucester, which are owned by the same company. Can someone who has been to both compare them for the benefit of the group? Thanks in advance.

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Beaconsfield is very, very Tory.

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