Mount Kimbie

Supposed to have a new album out soon. Just re-listening to the first two EP’s after someone mentioned them on the Burial thread. Thought i’d make a thread. Ta da!

Maybes and Sketch on Glass are pretty much perfect.


Maybes is probably one of my favourite songs ever. Just perfect ambience

We we thinkin of the new one then. Just listening to the Dom Maker side now, which I think is the L.A. one? It’s sounding pretty uneven but still, nice woozy beats. Loads of sampling, almost like a dark and moody Avalanches in parts

I really liking the split between the two halves. Big fan of a lot of the guests on Dom’s side too. The briefness of some of the tracks gives it a beat tape feel to it, but still cohesive.

Can see this getting a lot of spins.

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This is great. I’ve seen loads of moaning about the 2 sides approach, but I’m really enjoying both. The avalanches comparison is a great one for the first disc, albeit a very griny version of them. The second disc is just a classic sounding warp release.

Exactly what I needed after the shitty last few days.

Sort of reminds me of the Joy Orbison album from about a year and a half ago too

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Keep going back to the second half of this, love it

Very nice

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Love the new single but I really hope there’s an album on the way too!!

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