Mountain Biking

Starting a thread, as per…

I’ve often thought DiS is missing a thread on mountain biking. I’ve occasionally looked at the cycling thread but it always seems to be focussed on road. Feel free to delete if there is too much overlap

Is there anyone else that enjoys a bit of mountain biking on DiS? What and where do you ride? Any tips for good trails?

I’m absolutely hooked on the sport. I’ve got an Orange Five and a Santa Cruz Chameleon, both about a decade old but updated every few years. I’ve generally ride downhills in my local woods 2-3 times a week and go to bike parks when I get the chance.



I’m a mountain biker (do other bikes too but MTB is the best) - I live in Brighton, so ride the local woods and on the downs, sometimes travel to the Surrey Hills and Wales but have no car at the mo. Been riding about 17 years - got a Cotic Solaris and a Canyon Spectral - where are you?

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I’ve got an Orange hardtail (Evo Comp, 27.5). I also love getting out into the local woods and stuff. Fairly new to it, was a “roadie” beforehand but it’s loads of fun.

Hope to go “full sus” at some point. Can’t afford it right now.

Also: Did my first lower leg service at the weekend.

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I’m in East Hants, so ride the other side of the downs. I’m lucky to be 15 mins ride from Chawton Park Woods, which has about 20 (very short) downhills tracks and some good trails, otherwise it’s Queen Elizabeth Park or Swinley for the good rides. QEP is worthy the trip up from Brighton. I’ve been riding for almost 30 years but had a 14 year break living in London, it’s probably only been a year or two that I’ve started going out of my way just to do downhills rather than inadvertently doing them as part of a ride.

I had a Cube Acid hardtail, which I loved. Did a few of the trails in the Lakes, and 3 or 4 of the 7Stanes. Sadly gave it to charity when I got my gravel bike. Couldn’t really justify having 2 bikes, malhereusement.

Best stack? I went over my handlebars at the 4cross at Hamsterley Forest in Co Durham, and got helicoptered to hospital with a dislocated A/C joint in my shoulder…



Best stack: I went over my handlebars in the 90s, when cow horns were in fashion, dragging the horn down the side of my face taking half an eyebrow and a good chunk of skin with it. The eyebrow never grew back and I’m left with a mini-brow on one side.

Thankfully, I’ve never broken or dislocated anything.