Mountain Goats Rolling Thread

Sounds just like Silver Mt Zion circa “This Is Our Punk Rock”. Weird. Good.

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No guitar is there. Looking forward to it!

This description makes me want to listen to the Mountain Goats for the first time.

Only heard the two tracks they’ve released (Andrew Eldritch and Rain in Soho) plus a live version of Paid in Cocaine done with guitars. Sounding pretty good to me, though it usually takes me time to learn to love a new tMG album…only just starting to really like Beat the Champ.

Thanks for the NPR link Jwhite66, know what I’ll be doing tonight.

November European tour dates for the new album

@moderators can someone retail this to just be a generic MG rolling thread cheers


Presale is live

Presale code is: DRAGONBORN

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[Stream new mountain goats on NPR]( (

Stream new Mountain Goats - In League with Dragons (NPR)


Stuck All Hail West Texas on earlier, have now bought a ticket to the Glasgow show :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

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What do you think of the new album?
Glad I got tix for Dublin as it’s now sold out.

It’s fine. I have a 50/50 hit rate with his albums over the last decade - I really like Life of the World, Transcendental Youth and Goths, but I’m not particularly fussed by All Eternals Deck, Beat the Champ and this one.

Still, though, I missed the Goths tour because I was in a perpetual grump around then (obvious joke here), and JD has still written more songs than mean the world to me than anyone else. It’ll be great.

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Liking the new one a lot better than Goths. Loved Beat the Champ myself.
Live show is always a good mix though, should be great!

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b o o m b o x

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Ohhhhh yeah.

Also all merch 30% off on their store today.

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Transcendental Youth vinyl for £14? Oooooooohhhh

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Tempted by the recent tour tee/poster/7”.
At the Dublin gig the merch stall was in the packed pub next door for some dickhead reason.