Mournday thread

Fucking Monday again, isn’t it.
Up (relatively) early, large bowl of porridge, couple pieces of dark chocolate. Watched Twin Peaks already (bit boring).
Want to do some type of exercise before work later so help me out.

  • Swim
  • Bike
  • Run

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How’s you?

I went to see Megadeth last night. Was quite funny.

Super tired today, I’m gonna try and do a run tonight - might try and push up to 7k if my knees can take it!


Everybody will be pleased to learn that it only required 6 votes to push me into going for a swim so see you later, dudes :call_me_hand:


last day of my annual leave today, so put the kids in nursery/pre-school and me and the missus are heading out for a spa day!


I had a flapjack and a coffee for breakfast. I’m hungry again.

Morning pals.

Everyone at work is having computer troubles due to a virus thing, so it’s looking like it’s going to be a slow day.

Can I be arsed going to Sheffield this weekend to play cards?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Literally never cared less about anything in the entire world, including that album of Tom Waits covers that Scarlett Johansson did

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Morning. Last week of work before 2 weeks off. Cannot fucking wait.

WFH today because Mrs HYG is going into hospital for a procedure and I need to look after baby. Hoping everything goes smoothly. Told my boss about it ages ago then totally forgot until Friday when he was out. Ended up emailing him yesterday. Hopefully he’s understanding.

massive, massive cba vibes over here today

sheffield’s good, fuck card games tho

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Had a speedy commute to the office, got here 30 minutes early. Feeling pretty damn chipper if I’m honest. Excited about the return of football this weekend.

Hello friends, anything good happen last week on here?

Going to a wedding the night before a job interview is definitely a bad idea, but starting the day with a hotel breakfast is clearly the way forward.


How’d the move go Tone?


To say it was a stressful week would be something of an understatement but at least it’s fucking done now. Fuck moving so much.

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The BBC site keeps flashing me pictures of this badboy and it’s not helping my desire for a second breakfast.

Maybe I’ll go to the sandwich shop…

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Really Esteban CBA today lads especially after a ten on ten weekend.

Need to fit my new pedals tonight but need a pedal spanner. Need to go through the structural survey on beard house tonight and see if we can renegotiate on the price at all. Fucking well boring being an adult innit.

Funny, if anything Ed Sheeran’s face puts me off food.


Nicely done m9! I feel you though. legit one of the shittest ways of spending your time, nothing enjoyable about it in the slightest.

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