Moustache thread

I’ve just been reminded by the company intranet that Movember is still a thing. Who knew?

Anyone here done it and willing to share a moustachio’d photo? Anyone grown a moustache not for charity but because you had a dream where you were Tom Selleck?

Share your moustache chat here.

I’ll be back in a bit with a photo from when I did Movember in 2009, and you’ll understand why I was single back then.

What a state - this was about halfway through:

My boss is doing it again, he always comes out looking semi Freddie Mercury, semi David Walliams in the video for Bastardo by Charlotte Hatherley and semi Terry Thomas.

I shaved my beard (such as it was at the time) into a moustache in 2006 for England v Paraguay in the World Cup. No idea why. Forgot about it when I went out the next morning to take the empties to the bottle bank, for shame.