Mouth Talk


How’s your breath?
How many times a day you brushing your teeth?

  • Once
  • Twice
  • Somehow more
  • Somehow less

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Do your lips chap very often?
On a 1-10 scale how kissable is your mouth?



My lips don’t chap too much, but I often get corner-mouth-gunk.

Surprised by the number of one-brushers in that poll.



Been a one-brusher all my life, winning smile, no fillings - twice seems a waste.


Morning or evening?


I managed to get a referral for the removal of my wisdom teeth!


Morning/whenever I get up.




I was a one-brusher growing up (just the one before bed, didn’t bother in the morning, no idea why my parents didn’t call me out on it). But in my teenage years I felt shamed into doing it twice like it seemed proper adults did. Had tonnes of issues and several fillings as a youngster, but haven’t had any for a decade now. So in short, I’m a fan of brushing.


I’m a bit of a massive hypocrite though because I do prefer people’s breath after they’ve brushed, I just don’t.


I get chapped lips, winter is especially hard. I’ve started brushing randomly on top of the usual twice a day brush with a Somali brush, which is a twig from a tree that naturally contains fluoride. My grandparents all had their original teeth so there’s something to say for these brushes


Do you floss?

  • Yes
  • Never

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Some very odd reviews on this:


There aren’t enough hours in the day.


You should give it a go sometime.


I don’t think I will.


Ok, cool.


no fillings. allegedly v kissable although i’ve only got the word of all your mums to go by


Oh I didn’t know people bought them off amazon, my mum got mine off a tree when she went on holiday