Mouth ulcer chat

Got two huge mouth ulcers behind my lip and a third one seemingly on the way now. Think this has something to do with me feeling run down after having a cold last week. Been hitting the Bonjela but I know they usually take about a week to go. Also keep forgetting I have them and eating really spicy or acidic food :unamused:

Had a mouth ulcer on my tongue the other month. Didn’t even realise that was possible.

The worst ulcer I ever had was one that enveloped my entire uvula. Excruciating.

They are awful. Bonjela does nothing.

Get a bottle of Anbesol from Boots and dab on with a cotton bud. So much more effective!

Yeah had a massive one recently at the back of my throat. That cordysil mouthwash or whatever its called did the trick, though it leaves a bad taste in your mouth for ages.

I think I got mine from eating pussy; is it the herp? …am I fucked?

Get them all the time. Recently asked on Twitter for suggestions, @anon5266188 swore by gargling hot salt water and lots of people agreed. Ulcers on your tongue isn’t uncommon at all (at least for me), and they’re caused by all sorts - stress, abrasions in your mouth, being run down etc.


You’re thinking of cold sores.

They’re absolute fuckers, I’ve had at least 3 or 4 really bad ones at the back of my mouth this year so far (including when I was on holiday) where it’s painful just to swallow and speak. Bonjela is useless and anbesol doesn’t help much either.

I always have a supply of Corsodyl mouthwash just in case (I’ve already gone through 2 whole bottles this year), gradually makes the ulcer less painful and gets rid of them pretty rapidly, so I’d advise anyone to just get that and always have some with you. I use it even if I think an ulcer is about to form and afaik it seems to be successful in stopping them from developing. Don’t use more than twice a day though as it’s pretty abrasive but that’s why it’s effective.

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Ulcer King checking in! Reckon I’m on course for my monthly bout to hit probably around Tuesday next week.

I get mouth, tongue and throat ulcers all the time. They are the absolute pits. Get them when I’m tired and run down and then they make you more tired and run down.

As Hygsy said, hot salt water, hot as you can stand it and really salty, gargled before bed is effective but awful.

I’m another one who is beleaguered by these bastards. Although ever since I got my tongue pierced I don’t really get them now, even after having taken the piercing out. Don’t know if that’s because it’s re-trained my gob to stay in better positions or just psychosomatic or what.

I get ulcers all the time, it’s fucking shit. I sometimes get them on my tongue too. The corsodyl mouthwash helps but I agree with the above that it leaves a horrible taste in your mouth.

I used to get stress induced ulcers. Ironic really that they caused me additional stress on top of the stress that made them appear in the first place. I used to get these pastilles that numbed your whole mouth for when they were particularly bad.


Aye, these are good as well. Tyrozets? Can’t find them anywhere any more though.

can’t remember the name of them, but I do remember that if you did too many in a row you’d end up drooling out the side of your mouth because they were so strong.

Might try out the salt water thing. Remember hearing people recommend it a while ago.

Might see if I can find some Anbesol then. Starting to wonder if Bonjela is part of some kind of Constant Gardener type Big Pharma conspiracy. Doesn’t seem to do anything but it’s expensive and they sell it everywhere. Must be some powerful forces at play

Bonjela is just a mild numbing agent as far as I can work out. Think the damage of poking around with your finger trying to apply it undoes any actual healing properties it might have. Waste of time IMO.


What’s Alan Titchmarsh got to do with this

Well somebody’s to blame

I quite like them, giving them a good rub on my teeth for a sharp pain and creating lots of saliva. Makes me gleek for miles too.

Yeah, Anbesol always really helps for me at least and a bottle lasts a good amount of time. Bonjela, reptile monarchy, yadda yadda