"Move it American Footballhead!"

:football: :football: :football:


Hey Arnold


Little known fact;

They overdubbed “American” before football for the British market

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Also Helga is voiced by Uncle Phil

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Maybe Arnold is really into ‘Midwestern emo’


Yeah, that’s true.

Also, in America the line was “Move it Soccerballhead” as Arnold had a more spherical skull when originally broadcast.

They adapted the headshape and the line for syndicated airings.


Move it, cap’n jizzhead

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nicksplat arnold shortman GIF by Hey Arnold

“Get out the way, Arnold!”

I never remember hearing this… Only ever move it footballhead

The British versions were more expensive so broadcasters reverted to the cheaper American version for any repeats


Redubbed Phil also

Hey, Arnold! Your head is the shape of a rugby ball, or as you call it in America, a rugby ball.

He does seem like those would be his vibes

Golden age of TV

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Stinky Peterson

Arnold has a water cooler in his room

that was a weird autocorrect

hey Arthur!!

eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that Arthur’s head was also shaped a bit like a gridiron ball, but on a different axis

Binky Barnes has a triangular head, which I always thought was fun

Actually, on reflection, it looks a bit like a scrotum which is unfortunate


That guy looked like Fido Dido’s nephew