Facebook’s just reminded me that it’s nine years since I did movember. It’s not really a thing any more, is it? Facial Hair becoming cooler kind of killed it off, eh? But facial hair’s no longer a thing any more (well, not so much)

Do you know anyone doing it this year? Do you know anyone who just has a moustache in a non-ironic manner?

Facial hair chat and prostate cancer chat welcome.

Not a fan.

Facial Hair on my d

It’s spelt November

yes, yes, you’re all very funny. Jokes on you though because I edited my original post

I saw an advert for it on the back of a bus this morning as it happens.

It’s been a few years since I’ve known anyone do it - my boss did it maybe 3 years ago and it made him look brilliantly villainous.

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I know of one person doing it and I forwarded his email to around two thousand people so I think I’ve done quite well.

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my dad has a moustache in a non-ironic manner, but then i would imagine most men with moustaches over the age of 50 are non-ironic. it’s a sort of freddie mercury moustache, cant remember ever seeing him without it. apparently he shaved it off once and my mam didn’t like it so he grew it back. remember him having a beard once when i was a kid, i guess he must have grown it. he’s had the same haircut his entire life as well, when you look through old pictures of him as a kid his hair is exactly the same, except for a period of about six months when he was ten or something when his parting went the other way, but then it went back again.


Really gone off the boil in the last two years

shaved my beard off recently. Was talk of the town/office! (consensus seemed reasonably negative!)

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my dad has a moustache but i grew up with it so it doesn’t seem abnormal to me

Kind of like a sibling?

Maybe he just loves irony so much he’s always had a moustache?

he’s a very srs man. last time i saw him i had a pin badge on that said FEMINIST AF the and he asked me what AF meant, so i told him it meant AS FUCK. he said doesn’t that mean not feminist then? and i said no, it means well feminist. and he said no i think it means not very. and i said it definitely doesn’t. and he said well that’s the one thing feminism has got wrong then :man_shrugging:


That sounds like an extremely confusing conversation for everyone involved.


Sounds to me like he was delivering another delicious slice of irony.


yeah my das good at them

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genuinely don’t think he was. he’s a good egg but a proper dafty


Aw i enjoyed the story.

My Gran once asked what the tfi in tfi Friday stood for? And my brother pretended not to know.

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:grinning: im quite into swearing in front of my folks these days but not my gran coz she’d give a proper bollocking