Movie Grid

Good puzzle game this

Got top 6% of results today

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Enjoyed but my Judi knowledge was not up to scratch

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Got 8/9 (top 46%) because I put “The” before my top-right answer. I also put my centre answer in first before I realised I was meant to be aiming for obscurity.

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Not good on Dench

Movie Grid - 04/10/2024:

2/9 Correct

Score: 562


Fucked it on Rodriguez, guessing four films from massive franchises she’s tied to and she was in none of them

Having seen the Machete films helped me out a lot here.


Weak Alba knowledge, and was very pleased with my Jake picks until I spaced on anything but the most obvious pick for the last category

Pissed off cos I entered Girl Fight for Rodriguez but she starred in Girlfight.

Yeah wish it gave you more than just the 9 guesses

No idea what I was doing

2218 points, whatever that means, and 44%
So the idea is to go obscure?

Yes it is Pointless scoring rules

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1.8% noiiiice.

Your score: 2498. Top 22% of players today

Movie Grid - 04/10/2024:

9/9 Correct

Score: 2626


Top 2% of players today

Very strong

Got a less than 1% for the 3 word plus for Alba. 5 in total, none much good.

Clueless on Laura Linney which is annoying because I nailed the rest

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Same, really like her when she pops up in things but the only thing that would come into my head was Ozark

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Always get Laura Linney muddled up with Helen Hunt for some reason

No clue for Linney, didn’t even recognise her

Disappointed I couldn’t do better for top left also