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I think I’ve only seen the really obvious KH and EW films.

Quite pleased with my HJ scores though.

couldn’t decide how many words x-men was

Oh movie 43 was that one that was a series of sketches, must remember that when I’m floundering in the future! Loads of people in that.

Extremely basic, route one, guesses for today


Too difficult

Compeltely forget Emma Watson was in Little Women, one of the most forgettable performances ever.

Agreed. Not forgettable enough for my liking though.

Shocker today

I got civil war for JP and then gave up because I don’t think I really know who the other two are.

Literally never heard of VF

Yeah, rough one today

You people haven’t seen A Simple Favor for BL? Good fun!

Is that who she is?

I know she’s married to RR but I don’t actually what she looks like on screen.

That is a good film.

tough one today

suddenly couldn’t think of any films plemmons has been in despite seeing him in a hundred things

Feels like a cheeky day where all 3 probably better known for their TV roles.

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Another disappointing performance: I’ve never seen a PW film and only had obvious ones for BDH. I thought I knew a GB but it turns out I was wrong.

Franchise heavy answers but still managed top 19%.