Movie Soundtrack Albums

Who buys them and do you ever listen to them?

Like actually listen?



Got a few. The one we listen to the most is probably Gattaca.

I just can’t imagine playing a soundtrack album. It’s surely all about context?

Though The Ecstasy of Gold from the Good the Bad and The Ugly is FREAKING AWESOME when you are drunk. Or bored. Fuck it I’m going to listen to it now.

Got a load of Bond ones cos Grandad was in the John Barry Orchestra. Only one I’ve ever gone to buy though is Drive cos it’s cool AF :fire:

It is partly about context, but many of the orchestral, or minimalist electronic scores work perfectly well as ambient music that you can listen to in any context.

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yeah fair enough

and those Nick Cave/Warren Ellis ones.

Might be quite good to put on while putting up the Christmas decorations.

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thought you were replying to Ecstasy of Gold



I suppose that would work as well. A Morricone best of compilation will make any task feel like a heroic endeavour.


@Sketches mentioned a good couple. I’m a bit fan of this one plus loads of John Carpenter’s albums:

this was ok

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When I was about 14 or so I loved the film Kids and watched it again and again after taping it off tv (let’s not go into what the hell was I thinking here), and bought the soundtrack, which introduced me to loads of great stuff like Slint, Daniel Johnstone and Folk Implosion/Sebadoh.

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Daniel Johnston before the spelling pedants get in there.

The Dumb & Dumber album is excellent road-test music.

BUGSY MALONE :person_with_blond_hair: :sweet_potato: :gun:

(Come to think of it, I also own Tron and My Fair Lady).

same, first time i heard Daniel Johnston. haven’t watched it since but seems like there were some dodgy parts

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I walked out of Kids!

The only film I ever walked out of - but not because I was morally panicked - basically I saw it at the Hyde Park Cinema in Leeds and for some reason they had the heating way up and I was wearing a cheap shirt for my saturday student shop job and it was awful.

The trouble was afterwards people I was with thought I’d walked out in disgust.

  • the heat was awful. I was too grumpy to judge the film.