Moving belongings from London to Belfast


I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of this or know anyone that’s done something similar, it’s not a lot of stuff, just a few boxes, a few guitars and possibly a bike. If so, just looking for someone trustworthy and not too much £££ but I suspect you can’t have both those things. I have a quote from shiply, but I’m not sure if I can trust it.

I know that this might be more appropriate in the moving house thread but I’d worry that not everyone checks in there.

Any time we’ve moved things Belfast to England or vice versa, we’ve always just hired a van and used the ferry. Haven’t done it in years though so not sure how cost effective that is these days

Thanks, presumably you were doing a round trip to leave the van back? It doesn’t seem like anywhere offers the option to take the van from one place and leave it in another.

Ahh yeah, it was to leave me/other family members to uni or moving house with a parent or mate coming back home after. You might get a decent idea of other options in the Northern Ireland subreddit

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Doesn’t sound like there are many options tbh

Yeah, thanks for digging that out. I’d heard that the ferry can be expensive now, but the price quoted in that there sounds like a lot. I need to check the price it myself.

I used Lenyx both when I moved to France and when I moved back to England. I’d highly recommend them and they were considerably cheaper than others. They work all over Europe.

The email address I used is and their website is:

You can pay a little extra to have an additional person (rather than just the driver) if you need help loading/unloading.

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welcome home!

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Thank you, I’ll check them out.

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I moved a bunch of boxes (5 I think) to Stockholm with a company called Movecorp and it was a fucking nightmare. I went with them because they were cheap, but I’d have paid double if they didn’t fuck me around so much. They didn’t pick up my boxes when they said they would, so I had to drive them to a mate’s house instead. Then they delivered them to a postal depot 50km out of the city which I had to somehow pick up without a car. Nightmare.

I guess what I’m saying is I’d pay a bit more for trustworthy if you can.

How far can you throw?

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