Moving to Glasgow

:wave: After some encouragement in the Friday thread (thanks), this is my first thread on New DiS in which I hope to tap into the hive mind for tips and recommendations for my imminent move to Glasgow.

What do you love to do in Glasgow? Where are your favourite places to eat/drink/watch films/watch music/walk/cycle? Where are your favourite green spaces? Where can I find the best charity shops? What are your favourite neighbourhoods? Are there any good Glasgow-centric websites I should know about?

What would you suggest are the top 3 things we should see and do in our first month living there?

All of the questions!

@laelfy, I hope this covers what you wanted to know too – if not, ask away!

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Come to this. Glasgow and Edinburgh aren’t far from each other I don’t think?

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Where are you going to be living?

50 mins on the train! :smiley:

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Wouldn’t bother, it’s full of absolute wankers.


I thought you lived in England

Also full of absolute wankers.

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But enough about your family :wink::wink::wink:


Man, those cheeks.

She reminds me a LOT of someone in this photo but I darent say who it is.

A young Nicola Sturgeon?


You see it too!

(Love your niece)


Hope we are really helping laika out in this thread :+1:


There is a new user looking for help here, please can you stay on topic @laelfy and @epimer.


I might see how the Glasgow meat in July goes before committing to Edinburgh!

@laelfy we are living in the West End, behind the Botanic Gardens.


Things I like about Glasgow: Everything except the rain.

Things I dislike about Glasgow: The rain.


You’ve picked a good area. There are people far better qualified to give advice than me so I’ll leave them to it.

This is another question I have. Is the weather REALLY that bad compared with England? I can’t tell you how many people have commented on how awful the weather in Scotland is since I told them I’m moving there. Looks bloody marvellous up there this weekend!

Cheers! I hope this thread shines a light on what you want to know, too.