Moving to Glasgow


Fuck you Japes, it is more Glasgow than Edinburgh and that is all that counts.

Edit: safety wink

Spoiler: no safety wink


shout out for Broomhill


Not really anything to do with Glasgow, but I’m not starting another thread about it - my cousin is a paramedic and he was called to a house in Airdrie last week, and the guy had his Christmas decorations up (he’s fine so it’s okay to enjoy this anecdote).



Was a big fan of Broomhill Co-Op.


My bus ends up there.


No. 4?


Formerly the 44 to Knightswood I bet


Think your phone has dropped the words “his hole” from this story.


betting he had left them up late rather than put them up early


No but my family are in Jackton and Stewartfield




Anyone mind if I DM them stupid questions about specific areas?


I’ll try and answer as best I can


Also happy to help!


fire away


Go ahead.


I drew a map of where I was looking to move when laelfy asked a few months ago which I was gonna send you but couldn’t find it sorry.


I had a ‘Hot Cock’ burger from Buck’s Bar yessterday and it was fucking brilliant.


Yeah, do it.

My geography is shit and I only know Glasgow from moving here as a grown up.


Looks like iiiiit’s group dm time!