Moving to Glasgow

Sorry, it was very traumatic. Had to put the dog, my eldest and my wife on the train to Glasgow and there was a lot of tears.

Just reading through this thread cause I got a notification

:wave: hello neighbour!

Hey! :wave:
We’re still here/there, whereabouts are you? Scanning back through the thread it sounded like you were looking at the southside.
Had a lovely day in the southside a few weeks ago: Rum shack, koelship yard, bought some plants and had a wander around. Am intrigued.

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No I’m a couple of streets away from Wilton Street hence the wave!

Move to the Southside, it’s the best.

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I would love to move to Glasgow, from what I gather it has a good live music scene (as in bands mostly always play there on UK tours) but having to get a hospitality job and start all over in a new city gets more daunting as you get older

It’s got a really great hospitality industry. If I was in that industry I would want to work in Glasgow (or Manchester).

Also can I big up my pal’s new pub please? Just opposite the barras.


oh I’m a scientist by career but I don’t expect to land a job straight away when I move there so bar work would be the easiest thing for me. I’m so miserable at my current job but I’d rather land a new job before moving

@laelfy might be a good contact for Glasgow-based science work? (appreciate ‘science’ is a bit of a wide field…)

Analytical Chemistry, specifying in GC-FID and GC-MS with a dabble in FTIR, UV-VIS and titrations

thanks for the thought! In a very Scottish manner, I saw a job ad for analysis of whisky the other day hah

Definitely not my field, sorry, but good luck!

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