Moving to Glasgow

Sorry, it was very traumatic. Had to put the dog, my eldest and my wife on the train to Glasgow and there was a lot of tears.

Just reading through this thread cause I got a notification

:wave: hello neighbour!

Hey! :wave:
We’re still here/there, whereabouts are you? Scanning back through the thread it sounded like you were looking at the southside.
Had a lovely day in the southside a few weeks ago: Rum shack, koelship yard, bought some plants and had a wander around. Am intrigued.

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No I’m a couple of streets away from Wilton Street hence the wave!

Move to the Southside, it’s the best.


I would love to move to Glasgow, from what I gather it has a good live music scene (as in bands mostly always play there on UK tours) but having to get a hospitality job and start all over in a new city gets more daunting as you get older

It’s got a really great hospitality industry. If I was in that industry I would want to work in Glasgow (or Manchester).

Also can I big up my pal’s new pub please? Just opposite the barras.


oh I’m a scientist by career but I don’t expect to land a job straight away when I move there so bar work would be the easiest thing for me. I’m so miserable at my current job but I’d rather land a new job before moving

@laelfy might be a good contact for Glasgow-based science work? (appreciate ‘science’ is a bit of a wide field…)

Analytical Chemistry, specifying in GC-FID and GC-MS with a dabble in FTIR, UV-VIS and titrations

thanks for the thought! In a very Scottish manner, I saw a job ad for analysis of whisky the other day hah

Definitely not my field, sorry, but good luck!

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Hi team. Staying at the ibis budget tomorrow. Needs somewhere to eat and drink not too far away. Help please xx

errol’s hot pizza

it’d be a short taxi journey too but worth it for yr wanker beer needs


Five March is maybe a 10/15 min walk away, damn good food.



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The State Bar.

(Btw Glasgow fam I’m Coming up next week for the cure show)


Koelschip Yard, and you can order from the (veggie) curry place across the road at the bar (Ranjit’s Kitchen)


Actually The Old Toll Bar by there is good, usually has Fallen on cask

Seconded Errol’s. Ridiculously good.

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Had pizza tonight team :sob::sob::sob:

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