Moyesy's March to the Title Football Thread

I am genuinely fearful of that fixture. That scenario is the only good that can come of it

I will be on DiS that evening if we need to form a support group. Still scarred by Macedonia 1998*, San Marino 2007 and Cyprus 2008.

*though I’d still love an orange Umbro jersey from that night.

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Can’t believe the international games are happening

Important sidethread before we go down the plughole of the international break: who’s the correct sponsor for all the football clubs? Inter are about to make a terrible decision and stop having theirs, and it’s important we all take stock to remind ourselves that Chelsea are sponsored by Coors, Liverpool by Carlsberg, and Fiorentina by Nintendo.

when are they supposed to be happening?

End of the month.

Aston Villa - Müller

Will the international break happen? It always happens


I see now

can’t see any of these being a risk

N Ireland v USA
ROI v Qatar
Wales v Mexico

totally fine for these friendlies to go ahead

qualifiers don’t look so healthy either though I suppose you can understand the need

That Qatar game is the one being forced upon Ireland as they got dumped into our WC2022 qualifying group. Absolutely pointless and frustrating.


Portsmouth have 2, TY Beanie Babies and Chupa Chups

Due to the corona virus its unsafe for England to play the isle of wight in England, this game will now be played in Romania etc

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Everton - Angry Birds/Toffee

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Cannot believe their regentastic team somehow won the last Asian Cup, comfortably beating Japan in the final though I’m convinced that was entirely scripted by FIFA.

Leeds - Strongbow

Wigan - Heinz

Don’t they/didn’t they just buy in a bunch of Central African players on instant citizenships to play for the Glory of all Qatar?


and this

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I think they had been doing that but they’re not reliant on the practice these days.

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So is it brown envelopes, bloodwork and PEDs these days or what?

Don’t know if they’re on the Cugats or not, guess we’ll see once they play Ireland’s roided-up supermen in a few weeks.