Moyles white hair


Least he’s coordinated.

Looks quite good for his age doesn’t he.

Looks a bit like gascoigne and barrymore

Mate of mine does like a tiny bit like him and we were in a bar about 5 years ago and two Japanese lads about 20 came up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and said “Chris Moyles?”

He did a massive sigh and said “YES” and signed something for them and posed for selfies. Really funny thinking about it and at the time.

he’s always been a very toxic person, hasn’t he

feel bad for him feeling bad about stuff, but god does he ever externalise in a really vindictive way

mad how he can talk on radio for twenty years just saying stuff really isn’t it. i’d run out of stuff to talk about in two minutes, two thirty tops.

Don’t mind his podcast tbh. CBA with the Toby Tarrant holiday weeks though.