MQftSB: Can you name the band from their logo





14/15 got the specials one wrong


Yep, 12/15 as well. Some were pure guesses.




I did this yesterday, marckee!!!


what was your score m8



Didn’t know .radiohead or sisters of mercy: knew the others.

I’m cool with that


I got 12 but I couldn’t see which ones I got wrong because my phone was being a prick.


:smiley: what



Don’t know much about those guys.

Song about some vines, bored robot? Blah blah. Boring.



My Nan (Steve Lamacq) could do better than that.

I got 14.


I didn’t know HIM, the Prodigy or Arctic Monkeys.

To be honest, I’m quite happy about that.


I only know shit about obscure bands.


this but 14



Didn’t know Crass or Sisters of Mercy. I guess SOM’s logo wasn’t very effective given the results here.


‘i’m happy not to know things’ - marckee, 2017


everybody stop what you’re doing and listen to this in full


Too scared to post your favourite HIM song (or too difficult a choice for you?)

  1. Never heard of a lot of those bands though…


7 not 1