MQftSB: Can you name the band from their logo

15/15. Touch me.

13 - radiohead and HIM(?)

figure most people could recognise the heartagram because of bam margera and it being everywhere for a time.

probably couldn’t pick a favourite but i’ve had this stuck in my head lately:


You even know the name for it!

A sentence I never thought I’d read.

Shut it, goth

i was a huge fan for the first few albums/preferred the earlier stuff

13/15. Couldn’t see which ones I got wrong as my phone was being a dick

Going to listen to floodland now. Thanks eric.

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Maybe it is the BBC that is the dick?

here you go mate

I can honestly say that I’ve never looked at that spot before.

13/15, missed Arctic Monkeys and Crass (?). Guessed most of them and still got 13! Time for a flutter on the lotto.

15/15 (guessed Crass)

I know Eric got there but how lovely to see a HIM answer in a quiz in 2017

10/15. not a fucking geek am I.

14/15 got the Weezer one wrong

Ban him, @sean!!!