Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer


Someone on that facebook just posted a mr b the gentleman rapper song. Until now I’d managed to avoid him but I just listened and thought maybe this is a novelty one (it was a christmas song) so I kept clicking through YouTube and now I wish I was dead and he was dead and everyone was dead. Why do these things exist? My gf’s mate’s band supported someone like this and we’d never heard of him but we went to see them and FUCKing HELL it was bad. The guy who does the rap battles of history, literally calls himself a nice guy. Can’t remember what though, nice guy something. Someone shouted out correcting his grammar halfway through, and then shouted out that he was a grammar nazi. Horrible. Anyway yeah tell me the appeal if you’re an arse as well


It’s the sort of thing that would probably raise a small chuckle if I saw it on (for example) a single sketch of Big Train. But I can’t imagine how bad sitting through a whole set would be.


Think we’ve been through this before, massively shit and also racist and for cunts


Michael Gove is a big fan.


I once saw Mr B at Latitude. Left early to go see something else and some guy pretty much had a go at me and my friends: “WHY ARE YOU LEAVING, THIS IS AMAZING?!” I think I found him quite droll when I was at university. If there’s anything you can say in his defence, it’s that I think he sincerely does love hip-hop and rap and really knows his stuff. The whole “chap” thing though is a bit weird though. And I say that as someone who once bought a copy of the magazine.


That’s what I was hoping the consensus would be tbhtbf


There’s too much going on here for me to unpackage


In short I was a prick when I was younger (still am, tbf) but I have seen the error of my ways when it comes to novelty white person rap and wearing tweed.


He makes Watsky look woke.


he wears chaps?


ok good


All gets a bit much, there’s definite S&M vibes, some uncomfortable far-right connections and so on.


Please tell us more about the s and m far right vibes


Just saying there’s a reason a bunch of blokes choose to dress in uncomfortable old-fashioned clothes and base their entire identity around it, and it’s not because they just think it’s a witty situationist art thing.


It’s a sex thing? When I wear tweed I sometimes feel sexy but when I wear denim I sometimes feel sexy. My friend’s husband dresses like this all the time but they’re both babes so it could be a sex thing for them. They’re not racist though. I guess I can sort of see the Dada connection for Mr B but he is still very shit, so I’m going to assume most people don’t see it that way they just think lol hiphop


It’s always a sex thing.


She does post a lot of s&m things on fb but idk. What’s the far right thing?


If you’re obsessed with dressing like you’re in the 1930s, going to gentlemen’s clubs, the glory days of the Raj, etc etc… it all gets a bit “hmmm”. There weren’t many black chaps in the magazine, put it that way.



Made it 76 seconds through Straight Outta Surrey.

F.u.c.k.i.n.g.h.e-----------l.l. :anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished:


17 seconds