Mr Brightside


Has been in the hit parade for 14 years

Or something. Didn’t really read it properly.


Thursday Evening Thread


  • Great tune!
  • I’ve got soul but this is shit

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Late 90s-Early 00s bands still being really popular twenty years later is still just really bemusing to me, all the big festivals look like nostalgia shows now, it’s like time stopped and except for Ed Sheeran no new music is allowed anymore.


new poll because it was anonymous and we know what happens when we make it anonymous (everyone outs themselves as closet nazis)


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It is an undeniably brilliant song that doesn’t really feel like a song any more on accounts of how ubiquitous it is.


That’s because they’re the last generation of bands to make actual money from selling music


I deny its brilliance, it sounds like U2 and features some incredibly needy/entitled lyrics that sound like the diary entry of a 17 year old.


Ever seen a pub covers band NOT play this

  • Yes
  • No

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A poll with a double negative is the clearest and most concise type of poll


It is and always has been a really, really, REALLY fucking terrible song





cracks me up how bad the demo is


Lyrics are pointless 99.9% of the time



  • Oh lord. Though to be fair it’s probably quite hard to sing?
  • Nah it’s always been top notch m9

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Also, wedding bands, now that the people getting married are mid-late 30s.


the killerseses best song:

  • Brightside
  • Got soul but I’m not a soldier (dunno)
  • Jenny was a friend of mine
  • When you were young
  • Some newer one that’s probably the wrong answer

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Streamed 45m times in the last 12 months alone?! That’s ridiculous. What sort of bunce would they be looking at for that many plays, hun?


even in rap?



hah ahahahaha


I’m in charge of booking the band for mine and I really hope I get to pick the setlist.

The Rat
The Rat
The Rat
The Rat
The Rat
Mr Brightside
The Rat
The Rat

The Rat
The Rat