Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes

Mr Kipling’s a fucking braggart.

First his boast about his bang average cakes, and also how he demands to be called ‘Mr’

Needs bringing down a peg or two


think he must have died a while back, not heard about his cakes for ages

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Feel like Mr Kipling products are one of those things that exist outside of their competitors. Like, would a piece of angel cake from a proper bakery be a better product than those daft little two packs of iced angel slice from Mr Kipling? Sure, but sometimes I want that little slice of averageness.


This bhangra song that was incredibly popular in the diaspora when I was young starts out with the lines “this song is coming at you like Mr kipling…exceeding good…”

Yes, it was an absolute banger

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Pretty big fan of his bakewell tarts and apple pies tbf


We’ve just recently got back in the Kipling game for lunchbox treats. The custard bakewell has been the best received so far.

Lemon slices were the highlight of my Sunday evenings as a kiddo, gboc

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After consumption, Taking the little apple pie tins and putting them in your mouth to make funny noises

  • Obviously
  • u wot m9

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Just had a festive bakewell. Was alright

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his cakes are pure shit and I hate him

I refuse to call him Mr

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there never was a Mr Kipling, he was invented as a marketing tool!

Mr Kipling is a stupid fucking slut


these are the only ones that are even slightly permissable

everything else, his estate need to apologise for

mr kipling
dr pepper
aunt bessie

Oh fucking hell don’t make me go buy Kipling apple pies ffs

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I had them recently and they’re trash

you’re buying a six-pack of disappointment

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That’s why I don’t want to do it!

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your lads took one hell of a beating!!