Mr. Kipling

The thing that makes all of those better/bearable? Mr Kippo

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I like him

Maybe my favourite Mr.

It’s between him, Mr Peanut and Mr Choc I think.

Should be great IMO, but the biscuit to filling ratio is all wrong. Always ends up far too dry for my liking.

I pine for the old caramel shortbreads

And May I Add Marry Me Arrested Development GIF


Could be worse; imagine the trauma of 6 fancies…

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I was going to immediately jump to the defence of the bakewell tart… but actually, if i think about it… you are probably right.

Both are top tier kipling for me though.

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Consistently produce the absolute worst mince pies, year after year. Unfathomably bad.


‘If you can eat my Bakewell tarts and French fancies,
and-which is more - you’ll be in for a treat my son!’

Mr Kipling


I believe the Kipling of the cakes is quite safely separate from the racist, colonialist Kipling from the poetry so we can all sleep safe in the completely apolitical world of tasty cake items


Angel slices :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The objective tope 5 Mr Kipling cakes imo:

  1. Bakewell Tart

  2. Asparagus

  3. Chocolate fudge cake

  4. Lemon meringue

  5. Sticky Toffee Pudding

Which one can you get first time round?

I get 5 of Mr Kipling cakes first time round then the others if i get the time.

  • señor kipling
  • herr kippling
  • містер Кіплінг
  • ponas Kiplingas
  • meneer Kipling
  • monsieur kipling
  • signor Kipling
  • meistr kipling
  • maighstir kipling
  • ミスターキプリング (Misutākipuringu)
  • 吉卜林先生 (Jí bǔ lín xiānshēng)

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Excuse me?

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Allow me to explain:

Some people just crave attention. Posting weird non-sequiturs without context in these food threads is one way to get it, but at what cost?


Ah… In other words:

Zeal - you’re hoist by your own petard.

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I had a small bowl of hot custard with 2 angel slices in last night for pudding, it was great. Big fan of kipling’s work