Mr Robot (inc. SPOILERZ)

Obviously most people would have given up on it once they realised it was a pretty shameless Fight Club rip-off. I’ve stuck with it out of pure boredom, and partly because there are two characters in it i like (Elliott and the female cop) and Tyrrell’s wife - ooooof.

Series 2 has been pretty shite, tbf. Almost turned off when the dream sequence angle was revealed, and Darlene and Angela are pretty tough characters to like. Peaked a bit with Wellick returning, though. Overall - HAMMY.

Guess what i want to know is what the fucking hell is going on? I don’t know who’s good or bad or even who’s dead or alive. There are some pretty out there theories online as per about the direction Series 3 may go in - some involving time travel, cancer (u wot?) or further dream sequences. Meh, etc, etc…


I really enjoyed Season 1 but Season 2 bored me to tears at points. The plot is super hammy and I found myself caring less and less about any of the characters. The last episode of season 2 was decent, but I’m not sure if I’m that arsed watching any more tbh.

Sort of feelds like they’ve just filled twelve episodes in order to get to the third series. So much so that i wondered if there might have been logistical reasons for it, maybe the actor who plays Tyrrell being unable to commit, idk. Feels like the show is at only an ever so slightly advanced point than a year ago.


man, you should have hidden those spoilers in the blanked out writing thing. not looking for a scrap, just saying…as you’ve basically spoiled the whole thing for me in that first sentence

please don’t call me a cunt for pointing this out

Perhaps i should have addressed this in the thread title…


nice try, bud. nice try. I’m sticking firm on this one.

first series was a bit rubbish but I stuck with it. bailed after the first episode of the second.

can’t be doing with that ‘oh what’s real?’ bullshit. why bother caring about anything if folk might just wake up at some point or whatever the fuck. not for me.

stopped being good once they introduced christian slater

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The second series had some interesting ideas with most of the characters bar Elliot but they seemed to drop then and move on to the next thing almost instantly. The pacing of the series was all over the place. Sam Esmail should conceal his influences better as they could be a great show in there.

However I do love the way the show looks and the score along with the music choices are great (bar a few that are a bit too on the nose) - loved the use of ‘Hall of Mirrors’ in the finale.

this is going to end up like Lost, isn’t it. way too many character arcs to keep track of with a sprinkling of psuedo-spiritual bullshit on top. I like the fundamental ideas behind the show, but I have no idea what the writers were thinking with season 2, in that there’s been no satisfying conclusion to anything. we’re even less sure about the characters than we were at the end of S1, to the point where you’re questioning whether scenes are in Elliott’s head or not.

I remember thinking to myself during the scene where Tyrell’s wife gets strangled by the CTO, ‘oh thats why she kept asking her partners to strangle her, to prepare her for this fight’. you’re constantly made to read between the lines, and it gets pretty exhausting after a while.

still watching it for the same reason though, and there’s not much else on atm.

That bit where they shot up the diner at the end of episode 10 was cool though wasn’t it? Did you notice the shooting started exactly as the crossing sign hit zero?

I also fancy Dom the FBI agent loads. Did you know she’s Meryl Streep’s daughter?

Yeah she’s great! She’s always made the best of some of the rubbish she’s been in (The Newsroom & American Horror Story).

She’s a genuinely great character, to the extent that i’d probably watch a spin-off. Can’t put my finger on why she’s so good.

The cast overall isn’t that strong, i don’t think. Malik and her really prop it up. Enjoyed ‘Ray’ immensely until, y’know. Things would’ve probably been more interesting had they continued down that road.

Anyone watching S3 then?
I’m 4 episodes in & really enjoying it so far.

Episode five was probably the best of the batch so far but that was more because of the direction rather than the story unfolding around it. Feels like overall the show has kinda lost its way…