Mr Robot (Series 3/4)

I know there are lots of naysayers because it’s such a blatant rip-off of Fight Club and the second series seemed like a bit of a cop-out, but has anyone watched the third series?

Dunno if they’ve got new writers or what, but it’s fucking brilliant…like Breaking Bad levels good. Bobby Cannavale, BD Wong and Grace Gummer are all incredible and it feels like it has a lot more depth to it than before, idk.


Season two was such an obnoxious bore I completely lost interest

Thought season 3 was pretty good, certainly keep me interested enough to look forward to season 4

Absolutely. I barely made it through. As i said, thought it was a bit of a cop out. We seemed at the same place at the end of S2 as we were at the end of S1, idk. Was almost like the lad who plays Wellick wasn’t available for filming so they banged out a whole season of filler (bar Gummer).

Series 3 feels like a different show.

Last series was the best so far, agree 2nd series was boring and had a cop out ending, but this series had a lot more going for it, didn’t feel as bogged down with Elliot because there was more of a focus on Angela, Dom and Wellick (maybe my favourite charachter). Irvine is electric in any scene he’s in, and Whiterose too.

What I like most about it is how it’s shot, the slightly jarring angles and negative space, even quite simple dialogue scenes with two charachters leave me on edge. Could see how it could put people off but it totally draws me in.

I went to New York for a couple of weeks last year, I had been before but this time made the effort to visit Coney Island (was about an hour on the subway from where I was staying). I went and it was grey and overcast and everything was shut but I was walking around thinking “eeeeeeeeeee this is where fsociety live” like an absolute fucking nerd.

Probably gonna be about 9 months to a year for the next series :frowning:

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hmm might give it another go so

just finished. amazing. this and the handmaid’s tale are the two best things that have come out on telly for about 5 years.

really glad this season was a bit less…trippy than season 2.

the music is one of the best bits about it IMO. feels a bit like Drive for some reason. has that same atmosphere.

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I find scenes with Darlene in quite a hard watch.

does Angela do any bits where she stares blankly at the wall, that seems to happen a lot

How cool was the eighth episode of this series - the really weird, kind of non-cannon, dream sequence-y, movies themed one?


sort of felt as though the entire 2nd season was like that, but I did enjoy the episode.

Can I watch 3 without watching 2? It sounds like I might enjoy S3.
I quite liked S1 but didn’t love it and when I saw that S2 getting bad reviews etc I didn’t bother.
I can’t really remember the end of S1 but was Christian Slater actually the main guy from Short Term 12 or something? Can’t remember any character names. I dunno. A Fight Clubby deal thing?

You should still watch season 2, season 3 will be hard to follow otherwise

Just seen the finalé.


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When’s series four out?

It’s a bit hit and miss overall but some good episodes in the third series inevitably those where they take the piss out of Trump including the one where the show “looked into itself”. The concept of a world without actual money is not that far off being bat shit crazy as having a reality TV star as POTUS.

I think this last finale would have been the perfect ending really. A few things not tied up, but generally speaking i’d have been happy for them to bow out like that.

Apparently they only got the renewal after the penultimate episode, so i guess that adds up. The ratings are pretty dire comparatively.

No idea if anyone is still watching but season 4 has begun - episode one features Low’s version of Little Drummer Boy

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Seeing that it’s the final series I’ll see it through. Not sure if I’d bother if there was to be another series after this though.

Nonetheless, thanks for the heads up.