Mr Robot (Series 3/4)

Is amazon adding it weekly?

Yeah, looks like it - all set to end around Christmas, I’m sure it’ll be very uplifting!

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watched the first episode of series 4 earlier. I liked it :+1:

First ep was really good. Liked how the recap merged into the actual episode, don’t think I’ve seen that done before.

Hope we see more of Janice.

The seasons started really strongly imo.

That opening fifteen minutes after Angela got offed (didn’t expect that) with the despicable accountant at the Grand Central was SO tense!

Was season 3 any good? I enjoyed the first one but the second did my head in quite a bit from what I remember and it seemed to take about 5 hours to actually get going.

Season 3 was definitely an improvement as it felt like it dialled back on the Elliot/Mr Robot/Tyler Durden aspects and started to focus more on the wider impact of the effects of the first season hack. Plus it’s still masterfully shot and can be tense as hell at times whilst still having the occasional daft moment. Would recommend giving it a go!

Gee, I’d hate to see what Vera does to people who don’t give him any useful information at all

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Think it stopped adding up to any sort of proper big narrative a while ago but I really like a lot of the character choices and set pieces and the vibe of it, so I’m good. Prefer this all over the shop version to what it started out as in S1 tbh - give Dom more to do though!

I wasn’t expecting this show to ever make me laugh but I did in the latest episode when they realised they’d walked for hours in a circle

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The whole horror music vibe in that scene was making me giggle too, felt like some weird Home Alone/horror/Mr Robot mashup

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I’m guessing Sam Esmail watched Rififi before writing this week’s episode huh

Have a bit of a crush on Krista

I’m loving the final season so far. Apart from a bit of a blip in the second season (though not terrible imo) I think this may be the best thing I’ve watched in the last 10 years. Really hope it gets a fitting send-off. Only 8 episodes to go!

Massively riffing on Pine Barrens too, weren’t it? Loved it!

Just watched eps 4 & 5 back to back, both were so unbelievably tense! This season’s gotten into a wicked groove, just knocking each episode out of the park.

JFC that episode/this season :cold_sweat:

Aired with no ad breaks in America apparently too - how does ole Sammy E have so much influence? Man’s an actual TV genius.

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Terrible timing from Krista huh

Commercials would have totally destroyed the atomsphere of this episode for sure - it honestly felt like you were sat in a theatre. The direction again was masterful as the increasingly foreboding score. I did wonder where they were going with it but then act four just knocked me sideways… Damn.

Was a pretty cool moment in that latest episode when Dom outwitted Janice. Two really annoying insane villains down in two weeks!

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S4 is really redeeming this show for me. Up there with Succession as tv highlight of the year.