Mr Robot (Series 3/4)

This was my interpretation of it too. Whether I was fully ‘satisfied’ by that, I’m a bit undecided but that didn’t stop me from having a bit of a blub over Elliott and Darlene more of less getting their happy endings. Overall it was heartbreakingly melancholic with slight Eternal Sunshine influences and it placed a nice full stop to the series. And season four really might have been the show at its best

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Series 1, 3 and 4 were all brilliant.

Series 2 felt a bit like they were writing it as they went along.

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With you on this as well. I do wonder in hindsight how season 2 would fare on rewatch. At the time I remembered really disliking the. Angela and Whiterose David Lynch esque episode but it might mean more now in the grand scheme of things…

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just watched the finale.

wow. didn’t include it on that best tv list thing we did a few months ago because it hadn’t finished, but its probably top 3. definitely haven’t been as moved by any media like this in a while anyway.


Currently watching S1. I hope flipper is ok, she’s the best

Going in for a full rewatch now, think about it a lot really


3 eps in

Totally forgot about Angela’s boyfriend, the music and title cards are excellent, damn this show is shot well, Wellick was such an intriguing character from the off

It took a while for me to fall in love with it as it felt a bit try hard, and attracted some annoying “edgy” fans. Still feel that a bit now with some of the monologising and Fight Club style rants, but judge it less harshly since I know the show pivots away from it soon enough

Dr Melfi cameo!

Fuck me this gets good fast

The run of eps 5-8 are pretty peak TV.

The jailbreak, Steel Mountain, Tyrell killing Sharon, White Rose, the Darlene reveal, the Mr Robot reveal, and fucking Shayla :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

The flashbacks to Mr Robot and Shayla are heartbreaking

Still can’t believe how well and weirdly it’s all shot and framed


Have you watched ‘homecoming’? I watched a few episodes and was quite enjoying it ages ago and suddenly stopped! This thread reminded me I needed to go back to it

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Yeah I was gonna mention it!

Esmail wasn’t really involved with the second season, it’s not as good overall but they got someone to direct who hewed pretty close to his style and the story works quite nicely.

He’s got a new film out on Netflix in a few weeks (with Julia Roberts again), although very few updates recently on his Battlestar Galactica reboot/possible requel, which is shame cos I was really excited about the idea.


oh i forgot all about that! did enjoy it tbh, not sure I ever did S2 so might have to look into that - Joan Cusack!

@guntrip good film shout, will watch out for it

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ran through and finished S1 last night also. That could have been a great, open-ended one-off season, it’s pretty nicely wrapped up from a character arc POV

but then they decide to chuck in maybe the best post-credits scene ever? and boom, off we go. We’re about to get funky


I think this programs excellent and I’m going to do a rewatch soon, but it’s clear things changed as they couldn’t hold onto a few actors.
Definitely feels like Tyrell’s and Angela’s story’s would have gone differently, would love to know what was intended.

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Something only a fanboy of mr robot would say, but I really liked that. Really fed into the disjointed vein running through the story that is essential to the show.

Love this series so much.

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I’m going in for a rewatch.

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Yeah, I like the way it ended, just as a nerd I’d love to know what was originally intended.

That scene in the last season soundtracked by ‘heroes and villains’… I’m going to have to start again soon, arent I?

oh man, the silent episode with the ‘we don’t have to talk’ at the start and ‘it’s time we talked’ at the end

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I remember there being one episode, maybe in the last series or penultimate one, where the main dude and his sister raided a place, and remember thinking at the time, we might have spoke about it on here, that it was one of the best standalone episodes of anything I’d seen in ages. Keep meaning to rewatch that.

Of everything I’ve watched in recent years I think this might have been one of the things which has aged best. I remember we weren’t sure about the second series (was it, the prison series?), but then it got really good again later when they introduced the badass cop, I forget her name.


That’s the silent episode