Mr. Soft

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I don’t trust him or any of them for that matter, especially that postbox


There was an ice-cream van around my hometown when I was younger called “Mr Softee”. Kids used to joke that “Mr Softee can’t get it hard”.

Looking back, it was none of our business either way.


And did you have any thoughts about what Mr Whippy might get up to in the bedroom?

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Had a mate at uni called Mr Soft because he walked like him

Bit of a mean nickname looking back but it was the 90s

Didn’t realise Trebor was pronounced like that.

Stick ‘em up your bum and they last a bit longer

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Advert got the song to Chart again if I recall correctly.

Steve “come up and see me” Harley isn’t it?

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loved this when i was a kid

got quite into Softmints as a result so the ad worked