Mr Tumble (#Dadsnet)


I often daydream that off camera Mr Tumble/Justin is a total fucking diva. Won’t talk to the kids, won’t even look at them. Endlessly rants at that crew, goes full-scale Bale if something isn’t to his liking. Drinks and smokes on set, takes a shit in the spotty bag if his lunch is late. That kind of thing.

He’s probably quite a nice man really.


what’s his deal? does he fall over a lot?


Definite nonce


My friend met him a while back and apparently he was a bit of a diva towards her. I guess everyone has their off-days but you may well be right.


Yeah, falls over, drops stuff, forgets things… a real prick. Also has variations on the character: Aunt Polly, Grandad Tumble, Lord Tumble, Fisherman Tumble, etc.




As stated before he gets a pass for being pretty damn wonderful with special needs kids.


Sorry, didn’t realise you were in love with him.


You probably love that manc geezer who hangs out with talking fruit and veg because you think he’s cool.



is that sean bean?


No, looks like a runner to me.



I don’t like your attitude on these new boards, chadders. Might have to report you to @saps.


My previous attitude hasn’t fully transferred over from the old boards. Normal service will be resumed in due course.


Sounds like a right fucking gadge tbh.


I like him, seems a good man.


Big fan of Mr Tumble. The makaton signing is pretty amazing, and the normalisation of children with disabilites is something that is quite heartening to see on TV, to be quite honest.

the show is a bit crap, but i do like the Gigglebizz show, quite funny in that not-really-funny Christmas cracker way. Feels like the Fast Show for kids, especially the Lord Tumble bits.

I imagine the weightlifter guys are scousers.


I know the makaton sign for boat purely from seeing Something Special.


my daughter and I use the signs for hello and yes all the time.