MS Teams Question

Hi everyone,

Here’s another IT question that I could just google but asking you guys is better.

Earlier I was in a teams call and was trying to share a PowerPoint presentation. It wouldn’t happen. I’m pretty new to Teams so was wondering why. :woman_shrugging:

Share as in upload the doc? May be too large a file, may be sharing is disabled in the hosts settings?

I can share my screen normally though. Last week I shared the same presentation so it shouldn’t be a size issue, however the file was pre-saved to the meeting invite, so I’m wondering if I shared that rather than the version on my desktop?

Have you got one drive for business?
That stops you sharing files in a chat if you haven’t

I’ve had this a few times Laefers. It stops allowing me to share it as a screen when it’s already in ‘Presentation’ mode, always works if it’s in edit mode and then I put it in presentation mode once my screen is being shared


Or if you were doing screen share it treats all your open windows as different screens

I do

Ah the old clicking about method. Works every time :grinning:

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I think I tried both ways to be honest but I will give this another go and see if that’s the issue. To be honest it is most likely that I’m doing something very basically dumb.

Nah, I think there’s a bug there.

oh so just sharing the presentation on your screen rather than sharing the file?

When you start a screen share you have the option to share your screen (which will show anything that you bring up on that screen) or share a program (which will lock the share to that)

Also powerpoint can be an arsehole for screensharing so always best to be plugged into a second monitor and dump powerpoint on that, and share that so it isn’t trying to run the meeting and the ppt presentation on the same screen (if you have a 2nd screen)

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Just got told off on a teams meeting for being on my phone while on a thread about teams on dis

Don’t worry. I’ve re angled my camera


Hmm. Well I was trying to share the window. Just tried again and it doesn’t work in even when not in full screen mode. Under ‘PowerPoint’ it says not files available’ - don’t know if that is hinting at an issue.

They might have disabled your presenting rights after your stand up routine


This is what I see when I try to share

Hahaha it is quite possible :smiley:

Laelfy has been no platformed

I’d try sharing the desktop and bringing the presentation up. See if that works

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Yep just done it and it works, so that’s a solution at least. Just confused how o was sharing the presentation last week and moving the slides via clicking the screen - which I can’t do now.

Thanks everyone for your suggestion

Yeah I’ve seen this happen to people.
No idea why though as I don’t use PowerPoint ever on teams. Probably what @anon5266188 said.