Is it OK to have an MSPAINT thread for the band? I like them a lot, and listen to their debut album Post-American quite regularly.

Recently discovered they’re doing a European tour in August too, so reckon that’ll be great.

Please get your Microsoft Paint the Microsoft application references out early so we can share excitement for MSPAINT.

Tour dates listed in multiple places, including this Instagram post.

This is the song that go me into them

This is an Audiotree session from them


This post paid for by PROF$.

This is the song that gets stuck in my head way too often

Not keen?

Tell you what though, their album is a contender for this thread.

There are good songs in the latter half, but the best ones are all frontloaded.

I’ll be honest that the name put me off for a long long time then i finally listened and i didn’t get it at all. too nu! I like lots of nonsense but this felt definitely in the not for me but the kids. and that’s fine! i feel too old for lots of the music i listen to so its nice for a change.

This is a very sweet rendition of a “shit music for shit cunts” reply, and I thank you for your sensitivity.


Tell you what though, those moments where the second vocalist sings, just… Why? It’s not even like his voice is much different to the lead vocalist, just worse.

:smiley: amazing! i suppose it is.

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Last song on the album is absolutely cracking. Haven’t listened to the whole thing loads, but will definitely try to go see them live.

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Shit music for shit cunts.

I always read their band name like Ms. Paint.


I’ll be watching them over Mogwai at Arctangent thats for sure

Dont know why I got a notification though but J like it

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Very much the other way round. Come on the Young Team!

See you after for a fight

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napoleon dynamite slap GIF