Mtfsb: how much do you care about audio quality?

i judge people so so badly when the best speakers they have for listening to music at home are their laptop speakers, or they use apple’s default earphones

find it hard to believe anyone can say with a straight face that they like music if they don’t have better than freebie headphones/speakers

at the start of the year i got some monitoring headphones to use when making music but naturally i use them when listening too. they’re genuinely my favourite object in the world in a save-from-burning-house kind of way.

people who go too far the other way are wankers as well, obviously, no need to spend £1,000 on a cable unless you’re building a studio (and even then i’m skeptical)

what’s the most you’ve ever spent on listening equipment?

(feel free to make some polls)

a healthy amount. Got a pair of the classic Sennheiser HD25-1 IIs which have served me well for about 5 years now. Use an amp when I’m at home/will spend on a dece soundcard when I’m buying a computer.

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Oh, I don’t judge anyone on my perception of how much they care about audio quality. Sounds fun though and I might start


Housemate listens to music on laptop speakers all the time, drives me nuts. TV doesn’t even have a set of speakers in her house so I bring over one if we’re doing pre-drinks at hers.

Have a really good stereo so listen to CDs and vinyl through that. Aux cable at the ready for my streaming needs.

£5 earphones do for me tbh

quite a lot. mildly judge others for poor listening habits. spent 150 on headphones and a few hundo on my record player setup.

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use my £1000 headphones to listen to spotify


what’s your format(s)?

  • CDs
  • Vinyls’
  • mp3 (v0 or 192ish)
  • mp3 (320)
  • FLAC/lossless
  • streaming via spotify, etc
  • dunno whatever itunes quality is lol
  • other (laserdisc)

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can’t see cassettes man?

other (laserdisc)

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bit weird to lump em together, but it’s your poll dude!

went through a phase of about 3 or 4 years of dowloading / ripping lossless. really worth it, especially with some good speakers / headphones. Lost my entire collection when my hard drive conked it, at which point I moved to spotify.

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hate to be a tidal bore but being able to download in lossless to listen to offline and knowing they pay artists 7x as much as spotify has really sold me on it

I care about it but it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if someone doesn’t unless they started slagging something off that I like if they only listen on a laptop or whatever

Mods can we ban this guy for the



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clearly a wolfcastle, my friend

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and now ban him for using words I don’t understand

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not paying 20 quid a month m901. when I said ‘really worth it’, I meant within limits.

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