MTFSB - Requests


Any funny stories involving requests at gigs/clubs etc?

I used to run a garage rock/motown/girl groups night in Dalston when I was at uni, and some people turned up expecting UK garage. they enjoyed the night regardless, but I played re-rewind at the end which went down quite badly with the rest of the punters.

only ever requested one song at a gig, and that was at a lightning bolt show in…2009 or 10. they played it.




went out to a goth night in camden and kept writing the DJ requests but the music kept getting worse and worse so i started writing request notes that moved into just calling him a wanker and probably got quite dark before the end of the night. woke up next day like :grimacing:


went to a sebadoh gig one time and there was a very drunk guy in the crowd who kept shouting ‘careful’ after every song. sounded like he was very worried about their safety.

they played careful and one or two songs later he shouted ‘careful’ again.

enjoyed it a lot.


Used to go to a retro pop night in Nottingham during my fourth year of uni and every time we went my housemate would go up to the DJ booth every 15 minutes and tell him to play You Can Call Me Al until he’d relent




last year i made a request by showing the DJ this screen

rather disappointingly they played Jumping All Over the world


Last time I went to Rock City on a Saturday night I requested Rival Schools and got told it was too hardcore for the main room and I should go next door to the metal room

Haven’t been back


TBF being told you’re too hardcore and need to go to the metal room is quite a badge of honour


used to make our uni DJ play my recovery injection every single week for the benefit of about 5 of us and it cleared the dancefloor every time




just imagining some aggressive DJ wagging their finger at you shouting ‘TAKE THAT HARDCORE SHITE TO THE METAL ROOM, PAL’, has done me a bit.




I remember this used to come on a lot during the few dis nights I went to around 2008-10, and thought it was kings of leon.



never bother requesting songs on nights out, rarely bother queuing up any songs at parties anymore either. no one will like it and i’ll just listen to it when i get home instead.


i think about this every time i hear my sharona


I used to badger every dj at every night I ever went to to put it on.

Je ne regrette rien.


DJ’d* a night at the pub I used to work at cause they were in a bind. Lad kept coming up to request the courteeners, kept telling him I want playing any indie, and if I was I wouldn’t be playing the courteeners. Eventually called him over and told him I admired his persistence, so this is my last song of the night and its for him. Dropped out of touch by Hall and oates. Dickish but I really enjoyed it

*played music through my phone on Spotify pissed cause their dj hadn’t turned up and I was willing to do it for 20 quid plus drinks


Brazilian correspondent here: the regional equivalent of “Play Freebird!” here is “Toca Raul!”, i.e. Raul Seixas, who I’d never heard of before moving here but who apparently inspires diehard fandom.
Played a lot of open mic nights politely refusing to “Play Raul” / explaining that my name wasn’t Raul before I cottoned on…