MTfsSB: What's the absolute worst subgenre of music?



In your humble opinion?
For me it’d be Britpop.


I’ll tell you if you tell me what MTfsSB means?


My toes, for Seville’s sake, broken.


What’s that word that means boring-indie-with-heavily-reverbed-vocals because it’s that


You hate Britpop more than racist country, homophobic dancehall and nazi metal?




Yeah, that’s shit as well


Indie music is the worst sub-genre of music.


The correct answer is post punk.

Or one of the three I mentioned above.


Gonna have to narrow it down tbh, how bedwettery are we talking? Very - dreampop, kinda - shoegaze, sort of not - that weird vapourwave nonsense



Witch House?


math rock
happy hardcore
mumford & sons
metal where the guy goes “uuuuuuurgh I’m an ork!”


90s car hole is great



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All of them


Yeah, Math Rock’s dreadful.

But when you say garage, are you referring to Oxide & Neutrino or The Electric Prunes?


I’m talking your Real Estates, your Fleet Foxes, your Alvvays, your Wild Beasts, all that bollocks


Trying to think what would annoy Epimer more, folk or techno. I’m going with techno.


He’s fucked it. It’s supposed to be MTftSB

which is Music Thread for the Social Board


craig david and…any other people who might have made garage?