MTfsSB: What's the absolute worst subgenre of music?

Math rock isn’t dreadful though.

Yeah I know

Also Television are 100% post-punk and none of it would exist without Velvet Underground. Think you should be more specific with your parameters:

“Moody punk which sometimes gets referred to as Post Punk but obviously that’s not the whole (sub)genre because it’s too big/fluid for easy classification”

They still have an essential whiteness

How do we all feel about shit like Brokencyde and thinks of that ilk? Autotuned hip hop screamo - I’m told it’s called crunkcore.


This was incredible though (pretty much all the My Vitriol tracks were)

That’s not true.

Can this be real? Why has that boy got furrballs

All music’s too big/fluid for easy classification though.

Surely this is just what The Automatic were doing with that weird screamy frog-looking keyboard player they had?

This is amazing :joy:

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God they were shite
Only redeeming moment was appropriating the Monster song for a Michael Chopra chant

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Haha, I’d forgotten about him!

“I’m going to the shop”
“To buy some crisps”
“Mate, stop repeating everything I’m saying…”
“MATE, ST…” etc


Obligatory “they were in the year above me at school” story. Nice guys, they wrote Monster when they were like 14 and it really was a joke song, think even they were surprised when it became their big hit.

Penny was his name (surname). Very quiet chap in real life. Not sure what he’s up to now, he briefly did a side project with the guy from Gallows (remember Gallows?).

Thought they were Cowbridge for some reason. I’d heard the screechy keyboard haircut lad was a proper cunner though

It’s Michael Chopra!

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Can’t like this enough

They were Cowbridge through and through, proper middle class lads, proper haircuts. They were all nice enough, occasionally see Frost in the pub when I’m back in town.

Girl I know went on a date with the screechy keyboard lad, didn’t go anywhere but she said he was nice enough