MTfsSB: What's the absolute worst subgenre of music?



You can’t prove that.




Ooft, nope. Cannot stand twee folky nonsense. There’s a time and a place for techno, it just isn’t any place I’d like to be.


Why choose?


None of those bands sound quite the same.


Celtic Trance
World/Dance Fusion
Indie bands playing acoustics and banjos etc


All sound shit and boring with heavily reverbed vocals to me mate


googled that, can’t find the band/artist


Well maybe your mate should listen harder.

(Does that work?)


It doesn’t just work, it absolutely soars, terrific posting!


It’s a reference to Moe calling Homer’s garage a car hole

There were deffo some genuine garage bangers


Is dull indie artists doing ironic acoustic covers of hip hop tracks a subgenre? If it is, then it’s that.


I think you’ll find Ed Sheeran is the most popular musician of a generation.


pop punk. always pop punk


You’re ruffling the feathers of a sacred cow here!


And conversely, bluegrass bands doing covers of indie songs.


err i think you’ll find it’s ORC!!!


and the best black person ever


I like you bammers, but this is as bad as your views on panpipes


Really no ones gonna pick this up?