MTftSB - absolute worst cover versions


Crazy Town did Refused once




Both of these are dreadful, take away the intensity of feeling from the original organic versions






Heather Small and Lesley Garrett on the same tune! classic


Soich a poifick day



There’s an El Ten Eleven cover of Paranoid Android that’s so bad I honestly thought it was a parody. It isn’t.


what about when they did God Only Knows?


Fwiw Jose Gonzalez’s cover is great. Fuck that lad doing Robyn though.


Yeah thing is that Robyn song is pretty well suited to a plaintive piano rendition but that guy’s fucked it right up.

It’s those clipped "Oh. Oh. Oh"s isn’t it.



Check out balonz at 2:22

what a pervert

edit : IMMEDIATELY followed by saps




Why is this happening.


I heard a cover of Video Killed the Radio Star the other morning that made me want to destroy galaxies. Not sure who it was by though. Doesn’t seem to have made this list which appears to have some crackers (ringo, Alvin & the Chipmunks, The Feeling, Pomplamoose):


That Buggles cover was on the early show this morning. Chris Hawakins described it as ‘the greatest cover he had heard in years’. Or something. It is proper shite


Yeah that is where I heard it, on his show last week - the idiot!