MTftSB: albums ingrained in your brain because of your parents'* listening habits

Can’t be as bad as some of the stuff @plasticmike listens to

So many of my mum’s favorites are now firm faves of mine - although she did tend to play things to death at the time

Paul Simon - Graceland and Hearts and Bones
REM - Out of Time and Automatic for the People
Leonard Cohen - I’m Your Man

My stepfather played Pink Floyd, The Doors and Yes. And Queen Greatest Hits in the car

Loads of there music was on cassette and has probably gone walkabout. I have their old vinyl - but they didn’t keep a lot of it unfortunately

I’ve carried the tradition on with my kids - I think the Beatles, Stevie Wonder , Steely Dan etc are fully stuck in their heads

My Mum listened/listens to Cliff Richard, Billy Fury and Tom Jones exclusively.

So I’ll always love this:

And this:

My Dad only listens to The Shadows and all of their stuff is boring horsewank.


Reckon I could have a fair crack at singing my way through the entire Bat Out of Hell album. Think it was the only tape my dad ever had on in the car.

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Overnite Sensation by Frank Zappa was played pretty much daily by my Dad when I was growing up. Pretty sure it’s responsible for shaping all of my taste as an adult.

Car journeys were always soundtracked by The Best Rock Album In The World…Ever! - I downloaded it recently and hearing those songs in that sequence again was amazing. Classic driving bangers.



holy shit my dad also had this

the cult! yes!

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The tapes we had in the car that I remember were:

Tina Turner, whatever that famous album with Private Dancer etc was
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, probably greatest hits
Stevie WOnder, Hotter than July
Eric Clapton Unplugged
Rolling Stones, that greatest hits one with the boot on the front
Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

ie pretty much all the worst albums by some of the greatest recording artists.

We Will Rock You in to Crazy Nights in to Since You’ve Been Gone

Born To Be Wild in to She Sells Sanctuary in to Won’t Get Fooled Again


Hotter Than July is great!


My dad used to pinch compilation tapes from the pub he used to work in. They were amazing driving songs. Oliver’s Army, In The Ghetto, War. Shame he chucked them actually

The Beautiful South - Carry on up the charts, soundtracked many a drive to France.


Also had a Lion King cassette and would play ‘Hakuna matata’ on the way to cricket everytime.

My Dad had a multidisc changer in the car (we so fancy) and I swear the only CDs that were ever in it were

Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits (the green one)
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Billy Joel - Storm Front
Billy Joel - River of Dreams
All By Myself (cheesy compilation)

Just hearing people talk about Amazon Alexa sets me off singing Downeaster Alexa

Hell Freezes Over!


BEEJ s-l400

Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits (volumes 1 AND 2 together despite there having been no volume 1 to start with!) was as common to a suburban 80s Northern childhood as Findus crispy pancakes.

‘Oliver’s Army’ brings back so many memories for me. That and Squeeze’s ‘Up The Junction’. Soundtrack to most of the car journeys of my childhood. Could sing them by heart for a while.

Mum used to play the Rocky Horror soundtrack all the time when I was young but I have no recollection of it. Went to see the show last year and knew almost all of the words. Recovered memories are weird.

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This was like the only CD we had on in the car for a good while :smiley:

My Mum -


That Tina turner album live in Europe is PURE GOLD!!!


Oh wait, these crackers too!!!


My mum and Dad were mad into their fitness when I was little and all these albums my mum did her aerobics to!!! :smiley: