MTftSB: albums ingrained in your brain because of your parents'* listening habits

some bangers on that no joke.

Mainly just ‘First we take Manhattan’, tbh.



Yep. So to this day, the ‘real’ versions of those songs all sound a bit weird to me because I heard this first. Hotel California ain’t Hotel California without a 90-second acoustic buildup followed by applause as the intro riff kicks in


My parents only ever listened to Irish folk music and nothing else. My mum had about 3 tapes that she did the cooking to (we never had a car) and they were:

Margo - Country and Irish

Margo was quite a big deal in the west of Ireland for a) being Daniel O’Donnell’s sister and b) being an out lesbian :o) Here she is loving life in an image that is definitely not photoshopped (Oddly, my parents always disliked Daniel O’Donnell)

This isn’t even in the top 5 for worst Seamus Moore covers, Google will prove to be a treasure for that. Seamus is mainly known for his anthem, On The Brew, about being on the dole and an alcoholic simultaneously - enjoy that here:

Ireland Must be Heaven, and I can only assume, Kevin must be dead by now.



my favourite post so far


Whoops the last one was meant to be

Thank goodness for being the youngest of 6 kids who all had an interest in music or things might have been so much different.

I love how the chorus goes “I’m on the brew / How do y’ do?”


I am 99% sure I recall seeing the video which involved a man jumping out of a coffin (???) but YouTube seem to have deleted it.

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and of course

a decidedly mixed bag

These were the car tapes

Both full of singalong bangers

Some alright stuff on it, to be fair

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oh god, just remembered

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Gloria Estefan - Best Of
Spice Girls - Spice

Oh shit, how could I forget these two

brilliant/awful tune


That is a fucking 100% amazing tune.

May I please add that I still get the tingles to the spoken intro to You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) I used to think it was SO SEXY. HAHA.

On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? :joy: FUCKING RIGHT I WOULD.

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It’s amazingly brilliant but the ‘love you inside & out…’ chorus lyrics are boak-inducingly awful

the recording, playing, arrangement, phrasing, melody, harmonies etc are all amazing but the chorus man :frowning:

Also what’s MTftSB?