Mtftsb: Appalling jukebox choices you have made

Once put on I See a Darkness by Bonnie Prince Billy in a packed pub at about 10pm on a Saturday night. The bar staff skipped it, I did not object.


I don’t think I’ve ever put anything on a jukebox.

what’s a jukebox

Where do you do your Fonz impressions then?

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Cassandra Geminni


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Haven’t been in a pub with a jukebox for so long, which means I’ve not got to experience the frustration of spending ages carefully choosing your four selections, only to find out some joker three hours before you put a tenner in the machine and queued up like six hours of music and your choices therefore are scheduled to arrive somewhere around 3:42am


my mate was at a stag do recently and they were sitting in a relatively quiet pub with the run of the jukebox, one guy got up and put on “at my most beautiful” by REM…


When we used to hang out at the metal / biker / goth pub in Bedford, we once put all of OK Computer on, again it was a Saturday. Banter.


Used to love putting Whole Lotta Love on the jukebox at the 13th Note because whatever speaker the guitar solo was panned to didn’t work, so you’d just hear dun dun silence dun dun

If I was at all pissed I’d loudly fill in the widdly guitar parts with my voice. Sorry, 13th Note patrons.


also i used to spend a lot of my time drinking in sleazies during the day, would quite often put on “Like Herod” by Mogwai and enjoy watching unsuspecting punters in for a quiet pint jumping at the really fucking loud bit


put this on in grand central in manchester and it was really, really loud

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At my most maudlin period of drinking, I used to consistently pick songs that just cut straight across the vibe of any pub or party that I was at - think along the lines of a playlist that’s been doing straight pop bangers and classic funk stuff for a couple of hours and then I put All My Friends on, which obviously I know is going to get to the good stuff eventually but there’s quite a lot of just that repeating piano riff. Or just whacking Bright Eyes on and making everyone deal with it.

Frankie Teardrop by Suicide at a friend’s engagement drinks. Lasted about 2 mins.


i miss five songs for a £1 jukeboxes


stuck a Blood Brothers song on the Jukebox in the Gasworks at 2pm one day. Bar staff skipped it


thats got a well weird jukebox. some proper 00s indie landfill and then just Trivium and Dragonforce

i love it. such a terrible mix of stuff. there’s a great live version of this corrosion by sisters of mercy on there too that lasts about a million years

A sigur ros track off of () in a pub full of locals in a village to the west of Inverness


Me and @plasticniki tearing it up in the blythe hill tavern except it was excellent jukeboxing

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Think we might have put on one armed scissor in a mostly quiet, mostly old pub