Mtftsb - are there any songs that EVERYONE on here likes


  • Pure Stardust
  • You’re boring

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do you think the singer from Toploader really got it on most every night?

I think it was just braggadocio


Actually starting to feel sorry for some serial no-ers in this thread, must be shite.

No judgement here, just sympathy.




Sugababes - Push The Button

  • My sexy ass has got him in a new dimension (y)
  • Get the wrong idea and go (n)

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  • Of course cunts are still running the world
  • Tory option

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Little mix - black magic

  • yep
  • sigh

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The Kingsmen - Louie Louie

  • Yes
  • No

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The song’s a cover, the original singer no doubt was banging like a champion


I know how that post came across but I can’t think of any other way to express it, without it being able to be read as condescending and patronising and other shitty ways to speak to people.

I used to hate a lot of things - music, films and food - and I dunno what changed but I’m a bit less picky now. (Not saying anyone here should be like this, or it is better, maybe it is you who is more discerning and superior - but thinking back and comparing I prefers things the way they are now {again, not suggesting it is better to be like this}).



Undeniably one of the songs of the decade


Sweet Caroline

  • Other

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wow, that’s even less reason for this version to exist then :wink:


How are we nearly 800 replies into this thread without this being posted? State of this website

  • Yes obviously
  • ???

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It doesn’t really matter if some people think things I/you/we like are shit :slight_smile:


worst album I’ve ever heard by a country mile


I Am I Said

  • Yes
  • No

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Have never even heard the previous Weezer song that was posted so

  • Yes
  • Somehow no

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Can’t remember if I told you about my friend who used to live with a drag queen called ‘eat it piaf’ :heart: