Mtftsb - are there any songs that EVERYONE on here likes


OK c’mon motherfuckers, surely this?

Donna Summer - I Feel Love

  • Oooh, It’s so good, it’s so good
  • Oooh, heaven knows (how I could vote against it)

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Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit

  • Wu-tang’s the CD that I travel with (yes)
  • Don’t go against the grain if you can’t handle it (no)

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I just… really don’t get nina simone. sorry man.


Man of Constant Sorrow - Soggy Bottom Boys

  • You the man! :slight_smile:
  • Of constant sorrow :frowning:

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The Weather Girls - It’s Raining Men

  • I’m gonna get absolutely soaking wet!
  • Dry as a bone.

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Got 87% up above


can’t imagine anyone not loving this. one of the best vocals ever put to tape and purest musical realisations of feeling ecstatically alive. fuuuuuck. so good.

lyrics are brilliant too.


never liked bjork I’m afraid


that’s a real shame, man. I don’t think there’s another vocalist with her range and style of expression.


can’t really argue with that I just find her a bit pretentious


Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it

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ahh really?

like, as far as I see it, she’s incredibly sincere. I know she does a lot of high concept stuff around the music, but as far as the music goes, it’s raw and honest. it’s just that she’s out there, so her modes of expression are quite odd sometimes, perhaps?

you ever listened to this one?


oh yeah, ‘Unravel’ by Björk

  • we’ll have to make new love (yes)
  • he’ll never return it (no)

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maybe it’s just the people that go mad for her in a manic pixie dream girl kind of way that puts me off.


Oh my bad, I ran a search but it froze; didn’t bother trying again.


I mean what she’s doing on this track is interesting for sure I just don’t find it pleasing to listen to. Sorry!


I know how it feels, having some non-musical thing colour your perceptions. I’m v. sensitive to stuff like that.

but it would be hugely rewarding to seperate that from the reality of her music. it always is to ignore that stuff, but particularly with Björk. she’s a fuckin’ artist nonpareil, man.


probably would have to come back when I’m in the mood for challenging myself to give it a fair shake. Some days you don’t feel like hearing things you don’t enjoy immediately


I get that too :slight_smile: fair enough, dude


The Walkmen - Stranded

  • starry eyed (yes)
  • stranded (no)

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