Mtftsb - are there any songs that EVERYONE on here likes


Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing

  • YES
  • Inexplicably no

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ahhh fuck, I really need to try and blag a ticket for their Manchester show in February. love that sound so much.


Maps is better than literally everything tho


Can I unanonymous this?


aw I got real close with this one!


Spent 10 years thinking that all the weird sound effects were cool, not knowing that it was there to clean it up for radio. Was kind of disappointed in hearing the album version and not hearing pans being dropped and extended fffffffffs.


Natasha Bedingfield - these words

  • I have no appreciation for one of the greatest feel good pop songs of the naughties

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Feel I’m getting an unfair rep in this thread. Deffo liked more than I’ve disliked, not my fault people pretend to like awful music is it :joy:


See? This is a very, very shit song.


(65daysofstatic remix)


Ah, I just noticed you disliked a few of my absolute favourites, so I got pretend irked. (And I normally associate you with good music taste, I think, so it’s more noticeable).


no u

  • :slight_smile: (…but :frowning: )
  • just :frowning:

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I ticked yes because I mistook it for ‘Unwritten’ I’m sorry I’m going to have to change my vote to no


Here she is!


Guys, the answer is ‘St Elmo’s Fire’ but I don’t know how to make polls.

You’re welcome.


St Elmo’s Fire

  • St Elmo’s Aye-re
  • St Elmo’s Ire

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This is fucking awful.


i like your man but this is an awful cover


I’ve never heard the original but found this really emotional