Mtftsb - are there any songs that EVERYONE on here likes


Only 19 votes though, I think the arbitrary threshold needs to be higher

(Also never listen to it so I should change that probs)


Yes you should


I think we said the threshold was 20? In which case… one more vote! C’mon people! It’s really good.

and if you vote no you might end up being filled full of lead.


It is good but I didn’t love it so I’m gonna abstain from this one.

(Also another boo for the people that vote no on songs they don’t know)


George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You

  • Got my mind set on yes
  • Got my mind set on no

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Lots of joylessness and crazy opinions in this thread. Actually amazing.

  • I just can’t believe all the things people say (yes)
  • Do not believe in me (no)

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I’ve actually really enjoyed reading through this thread, although in a guilty way like seeing the aftermath of a crash in a coned off lane of a motorway.

If I was forced to pick a favourite bit of the thread, it would be the bit where @Bamnan votes down a whole series of amazing songs for having 80s production and then champions Leonard Cohen’s ‘Tower of Song’ immediately afterwards.


that Cohen one is a good song though unlike most of the other 80s stuff posted here!


I’m not doubting that: it’s a great song! But it does sound as 80s as Thatcher’s shoulder pads though so I’m not sure you can really hate 80s production that much if you like Tower of Song.


doesn’t have that shit 80s plate reverb on the drums or the crooning though which is the cornerstone of my hatred for 80s production.


This is the version of the song that I use to convince people who can’t see past the production on the original that it’s really a great song:


Agreed, think that the Casio years actually produced some of Leonard Cohen’s best songs. Was good to hear him play them with a full band on his last couple of tours.


The Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain

  • Yes
  • No

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Oh this is a good one.


Belinda Carlisle

  • Ooh baby do you know what that’s worth
  • She’s made hell a place on earth

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yeah but the dr john version


Abstaining from voting on this, it’s not a bad song but it’s not one of his best and I’m always a bit annoyed when he plays it live (and he always plays it live) because I’d rather hear something else.


That’s a close call. I personally think this is a cheesy banger


We have a winner


I ruin everything.