its a collaborative playlist, so add to it pls.


not on spotifybook but pls someone add this

On such a Winter I’s day


yay, thanks profk! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this for songs that sound autumnal, or songs that we are enjoying at the moment?

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autumnal songs mainly

ah this is so fun!

can’t wait to feel miserable with this tomorrow

actually gonna bust this out on a walk now

This is gonna be great. Looking forward to busting it out later.

more people get stuck in please! think I’m done for now

@profk this some other time tune is amazing!

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Best of The Fall


I’m on this one atm, this is great.

he’s a man of serious taste!

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Yeah @profk is alright. We’re all (maybe not so much myself) people of serious good taste though. I love these playlists.

I love long walks in the autumn so this is going to be killer! Just need to keep bumping the thread so more people get involved :smiley:

I’ll keep plugging away at this. Got loads of good autumnal stuff, but I’m in no place to trawl through Spotify ATM.

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haha, thanks :smiley:

really like this mark kozelek stuff.

I love this Leonard Cohen song, whoever added that is a genius!