Mtftsb - bands you love but would never go and see live


and reasons why:

stars of the lid - absolutely love them on record but can’t imagine it being very engaging in a live setting
deftones - love the first few records and they’ve had a bit of a resurgence recently but couldn’t face all the week dicks in nu-metal jeans and backpacks


Hmm, probably a fair few hip-hop artists I love that I wouldn’t go and see as it’s usually pretty shit live for the most part.


Oh dear oh dear


can’t see how that’s in any way controversial, goes for almost all post rock bands* surely?

*mogwai aside obv


Most of the properly popular bands I like. Just dislike really big venues


Not sure if this counts, but I wouldn’t want to see Simon and Garfunkel. I’d rather preserve them as 20-somethings.


definitely counts

the last time i saw arab strap was in sleazies and it was incredible, got a ticket for their gig at the barras next week and i’m considering selling it as i’m quite happy with my last time seeing them being that good/special


Stars Of The Lid are not a post-rock band


I’m surprised anyone who is into post-rock would think that (clearly you do). Any post-rock with wall-of-sound elements is, for me at least, always better live. Hard to beat that feeling of feeling the music vibrating through your body.
Similarly, with something less heavy like SOTL, the feeling of a huge drone filling the room is just delightful.


Deftones are great live. Don’t recall seeing many people wearing baggy jeans, but I wasn’t really paying attention to what other people were wearing.


i dunno i guess when i listen to SOTL, which i do quite a bit, it’s always in the background to doing something else, it’s never the focus of my attention if that makes sense?


Oasis back in the day


Most laptop acts particularly drone ones with a couple of exceptions (Tim Hecker, Haxan Cloak etc). I just generally don’t find them that engaging live particularly if they’re not able to crank up the sound or modify their set-up to give them a bit more spontaneity.


Yeah, I get that. I think most people wouldn’t consider them post-rock though (vs. Mogwai, Sigur Ros, EITS and so on). There are lots of ambient artists I love (which is where I would stick SOTL) who I wouldn’t go see live, but with SOTL I think their sound is expansive enough to gain power in the live setting.


pretty much any band that’s big enough to charge about £75 and play enormous venues. Bjork, Radiohead, etc.
laptop bands or bands who play over backing tracks
bands who’ve reformed for the wrong reasons
coheed & cambria - just couldn’t be caught dead at one of their shows, surrounded by 12 year olds


Bands I love but probably wouldn’t see live again:

  • Spiritualized (unless it was the full works, gospel choir, string and brass section, the lot. Don’t want to see them as a drone-rock four-piece again)
  • Iron and Wine (unless he ditches the Peter Gabrial backing band)


Then you’re in luck!


saw spiritualized during the first run of the “ladies & gentelmen…” tour with the full orchestra/choir stuff, it was incredible

saw them a few years later and it was dogshit, they also used strobe lighting through almost every single song which was brutal


I went to Coheed this year cause Glassjaw were supporting. such a shit crowd


massively tempted by this! (though it’s on a Monday, which would mean getting home at 1am and then going to work the next day).

@fitzcarraldo - I saw them in 2002 (?) and yeah, it was properly droney. Set was about 2 1/2 hours long and I was pretty bored towards the end.