Mtftsb: best covers band you've ever seen?

Soggy biscuit?





A muse bouche

No idea if this is a real or spoof thread, so I’ll assume it’s serious and nominate MAIDEN SCOTLAND. Genuinely incredible golden-era Iron Maiden covers, with singing and musicianship capable of scaling and conquering those heady heights. No, I’m not a member nor an affiliate, but really, they’re more than worth the £7 or so if you’re in the area.

I would have to say the best of the cover bands


Deadly serious pal

V. Pleased to hear maiden scotland are good

Probably Stiff Bizkit, a Limp Bizkit tribute who were gloriously knuckleheaded but felt more like they were in on the joke than the real thing do.

AC/CZ, the Czech AC/DC tribute band. Great bunch of lads, all songs started with a long, passionate intro that I couldn’t understand (being in Czech), followed by shouting the name of the song. The crowd were all chanting “Ang-goos, Ang-goos” which was great as well.

(Honourable mention for my brother’s mate’s Smiths tribute, Salford Lads Club - the tunes without the racism and dickheadery).

The Shitty Beatles


I saw a los del rio tribute a few weeks ago that i thought were the real deal, so them.

The B-53s at Deerhunter ATP.


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