MTftSB Best song by Bentley Rhythm Ace

Barry Normal Eyes IMO

Did they pick that name because it spelt BRA?

Always kind of suspected that was the case.

How the fuck am I supposed to know!?

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call youself an ‘expert’???

No :disappointed:

There has to be some reason because it’s such a rubbish name

Which similar artist would this thread have worked better with?

  • Propellerheads
  • Apollo 440
  • The Wiseguys
  • Timo Maas
  • Overseer

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Lo Fidelity Allstars

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Not an option in the poll I’m afraid


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which similar artist would this poll have worked better with?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • lo fidelity allstars
  • fuck off ant

The answer is Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out!

The exclamation mark is theirs, not mine.


Finally, some proper discourse in here. Thank you.

(It’s actually Barry Normal Eyes)

i love it!

wait a sec… is this … satire?

It’s… something

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They’re named after a drum machine